by Wayne Tunks
image by Lynden Jones

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by Wayne Tunks

Set in the seedy world of 1950s burlesque in Sydney, The Burlesque Effect follows straight-laced suburbanite James, who falls victim to a seductive world as he ventures into The Scarlet Lounge and meets beautiful dancer Honey.

The Scarlet Lounge, run by veteran Fleur, is a haven for men seeking a good time and the dancers are seductive... but go too far, and watch out, they bite back.

Featuring 10 burlesque routines, The Burlesque Effect is a fast-paced emotional ride of dancing and drama.

"The narrative is a perfect vehicle and excuse for some highly entertaining burlesque... All the roles are exceptionally well-written... Tunksy's really hit his stride." - Lloyd Bradford Skye, Crikey

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