by Bruce Hoogendoorn
Photo: Miriam Miley-Reed

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by Bruce Hoogendoorn

The climate has changed and the planet is now too hot to live on. An elite group of professionals are now living underground with the goal of repopulating the country when, and if, it cools down. Five of the women are pregnant, but all are suffering from a life-threatening condition. Only a brilliant obstetrician can save them, but he’s suicidal. The pregnant psychiatrist comes up with a plan to cure him, but it breaks the rules of the society and may lead to a devastating revolt. Will the babies survive? Or is it the end for humanity?

“…its tapestry of human nature is rich enough to keep you thinking for some time after the final bow. This playwright has talent to spare. Watch him.” - John P. Harvey, Stage Whispers, June 2012

“Enthralling piece of social surrealism” - Alanna Maclean, Canberra Times, June 2012

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