by Rita Kalnejais
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by Rita Kalnejais


In a recognisable modern world of lounge rooms, food courts, bus stops and dinner tables, divine impregnation is the last thing you’d expect. BC depicts Mary, still living with her parents, as a young hairdresser with a romantic interest in store clerk, Joseph.

Mary has complex connections with her family. Her relationship with her father borders on taboo; there is the strain of her mother Anne’s cancer treatment fraying the maternal bond. Mary gives her honest, sisterly love to Gabriel, her mentally disabled brother who paints his own landscape with avian fantasies and abrupt tracts of ultra-violent reverie. The family argues over feature walls and accepts each other’s many failings just like many other families… until Mary is arrested by a higher force. Her life will never be the same again.

"BC is a captivating, vital and achingly funny production that heralds a powerful new voice in Australian theatre … I want to see it again.”
Cameron Woodhead, The Age

“… BC is a touching and miraculous play. A 21st century mystery play. And Simon Stone’s production matches it, beat for beat, in genius, detail and barmy wide-eyed wonder."
Chris Boyd, Herald Sun

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Tom Healey in Conversation with about BC with Hayloft Project's Benedict Hardie and Anne-Louise Sarks:

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