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by Noel Hodda

Glen is an Australian photographer whose present world is collapsing. In the past, his mother Cath is in her favourite solitary place questioning her future. In that then unknown future Ken, Glen's war veteran father, lives alone save for the sparrows he is now at war with. He is visited regularly by his pregnant daughter Sissy, the only member of the family still living in their hometown in the Australian countryside. Theirs is a feisty relationship, full of the habits and old scars of the past and the resentments and regrets of the present.

When the older Ken unexpectedly and uncharacteristically disappears, Sissy, who is experiencing marital problems herself, calls a reluctant Glen back to the family home. Unwillingly thrust together the two set out to find the man they each have a different relationship with. Finding him creates as many problems as it solves, forcing them to confront the past, a past we share in as the younger Ken and Cath meet post-war, court, marry and begin the journey of their life together simultaneous with the children from their future dealing with the fall-out of the relationship.

The past, the present and the possibilities of the future collide in this elegiac story of age, loss, love and the search for some kind of redemption.

Length80 minutes
Cast age18+
PublisherAustralian Script Centre