by Glyn Roberts
Photo: Simon Schluter

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by Glyn Roberts

A young woman who might be a vampire lives in Edinburgh Gardens in North Fitzroy and a chic North Fitzroy mother, who has a child with a ridiculous name and a pathetic new age but workaholic husband. The two woman meet one day in the Gardens. The mother's days of fantasising about her toddler's coffee addiction are now over and the young woman will no longer eat alone.

The structure of the play is two separate but co-existing realities that share locations and characters but each one presents a different fantastical perspective on the events surrounding the two protagonists meeting in the Edinburgh Gardens. A multi-leveled tale that demonstrates that there comes a point ones life where any real escape from the sedentary constraints of ones existence and responsibilities can only be done in the realm of fantasy. In this case rather horrific fantasy.

On a more social-political level this plays main thought is to examine, through the very local lens of North Fitzroy, loneliness and friendship amongst modern females. The subtle hypocrisies that they must deal with day in day out in an place where the bohemian and the bourgeoisies meet. It will use horror elements to guide it through the cultural cringe that is inevitable when so place specific; an Melbourne inner suburb. The vampire trope, which at this time in history I am well aware, as you would be too, has been done to death, but I wish to confront it for that very reason. It is the zeitgeist fantasy/obsession for western society at the present, like superpowers during the 50's and 60's and extraterrestrials during the 70 and 80s. That we are repeatedly envoking and portraying vampires in our lives through popular culture tells us something important about who we are at this very moment.

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