10,000 BEERS

by Alex Broun

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10,000 BEERS

by Alex Broun

The Panorama Pirates are a Rugby team from Adelaide.

They had a good year. Not a great year, but a good one. As is traditional at the end of the season they head to Melbourne for their end of season tour.

Their aim – to drink 10,000 beers over the course of one weekend. That’s one hundred beers. Per man. Per day.

10,000 Beers is an exploration of the dark ferocity at the heart of the Australian male culture.

Four actors, using characterisation through physicality and voice, transform to play the four main characters, plus the other twenty three players on the tour – and the various characters they meet.

For the actors the experience of performing the play will be as exhausting and physically taxing as a boxing match or a Rugby game.

The play works on a visceral, instinctive, gut level. The aim of the play is to put the audience inside the world of a Rugby tour so they can actually experience what it is like.

To punch them, kick them, spew on them – and then spit them out the other side. Just like any Rugby tour really.

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AWGIE Stage Award (2012 nominee)

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