by Lally Katz, Tom Wright

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by Lally Katz, Tom Wright


1997: Princess Diana. Mother Theresa. Titanic. While disaster made headlines and the world hurtled toward the next millennium, a death almost went unnoticed in a quiet Canberra home. Law student Anu Singh held a "send off party" after declaring to her friends she had decided to take her own life. Afterwards, she drugged her boyfriend Joe Cinque's coffee and over the next two days injected him with lethal doses of heroin. What made the crime more shocking was that several of her party guests had known that she'd planned to take someone along for the ride.

"Criminology reveals a world of unrelieved banality, in which the language of feeling is expressed through the cliches of blockbuster movies, values are taken from the gossip pages and sexuality is merely pornographic." - Alison Croggon, Theatre Notes

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Tom Healey in conversation with Lally Katz about Criminology:

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