by Ned Manning

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by Ned Manning

An exploration of Hamlet and King Lear for secondary students.

Action Inaction is an exploration of Hamlet and King Lear that focusses on the central characters choices and the ramifications of those choices. Four Actors discover Shakespeare's world, language, characters and innate theatricality by forging links between the plays and the contemporary world. Themes raised include conflict within families (both sibling rivalries and parent/child tensions), blended families and filial loyalty. The script also examines the rhythm of the language and the innate theatricality of the plays.

This script was originally developed as part of a series, for Bell Shakespeare’s Actors At Work programme, performed between the years 2005 – 2011. Ned Manning would like to acknowledge the following people for their involvement and contribution to the development of these scripts: John Bell, Matt Edgerton (Director and dramaturg), Marion Potts (Director), John Sheedy (Director), Christopher Hurrell (Director), Naomi Edwards (Director), Damien Ryan (Director), Wayne Blair (Director), Sean O’Shea (Director) and the many actors who performed the plays around Australia.

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