by Alex Nicol

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by Alex Nicol

In a couple of months the HSC class from this small town will be starting a new life. Some will be heading to university others will drop quietly into the places predetermined for them by this community.

The relationships and friendships that have developed over the years spent together in school are about to be tested as, what started as a manufactured protest to fit a school assignment, turns real and nasty.

In three months two weeks and four days, Em will leave this town and never come back. Her best friend Stacka, should go too. She of all people should know that there's no future in this dump but she's committed to Andy who's staying to play football. Stupid waste. Repo of course is a hopeless case. He'll never leave. He personifies this town he, and that mental kid, Simon.

Can't they see how smug, self satisfied this dump is? It's enough to make you want to scream.

Someone has to do something about it. Em will jolt this town out of its stupor. Her idea of a graffiti based protest is brilliant and sophisticated. It's a wake-up call from someone... well obviously they will have to remain anonymous.... but it will show this town up for what it is.

Em does leave town in three months two weeks four days but Mary, the mad bag lady, makes sure the town will never leave her.

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