by Kit Brookman
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by Kit Brookman


Love is an ancient thing we have to learn and re-learn.

Orestes has come back to bury his father. He has been away a long time. His mother is hardened, his sister is strangely ill. He will see them, he will bury his father and then, in all likelihood, he will drift away again. But in a bar one night, slightly drunk, he meets a gentle soul called Pylades…

Kit Brookman’s Small and Tired sets up a brilliant moral challenge for its characters: to love in spite of all the shit. The play springs from the myth of Orestes and the House of Atreus, but Brookman’s completely disarming leap of imagination has been to fully dissolve the myth into the contemporary world.

The result is a small play which echoes large – about restlessness and modern love, about the rootlessness of the times, about the brokenness of our sense of family and humanity. At its heart is the startling idea that love is an ancient thing we have to learn and re-learn from generation to generation.

Will this family be able to repair the damage of a violent act that ruptured them many years ago, or will they slip further and further from one another, until finally they are alone?

Tom Healey in Conversation with Kit Brookman about Small and Tired:

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Recommended for community theatre

Sydney Theatre Awards - Best new Australian Work (2013 nominee)

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