by Kate Wyvill

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by Kate Wyvill

Marbles is a funny and moving drama that takes us under the skin of family life. Bit by bit it scrapes away at the veneers of sibling civility exposing the lengths some of us will go to in the name of love.

Stanley, a highly successful autocratic businessman, ran his family with the same force of personality as he ran his business until the incapacitating creep of Alzheimer’s disease. Now with his patriarchal authority diminished he is dependent upon the full-time care of his eldest daughter. Beach walks and feather collecting have replaced boardroom manipulations and union battles. However Stanley still has his power over one thing; a promise he coerced from his three daughters several years ago. As his other two daughters arrive to celebrate his birthday, Stanley has a chance to extract their promise, but can he now control them?

From within his world of Shirley Bassey, Stanley watches his family gather. Frances arrives from Berlin with more than just a recording of her latest symphony. Amelia has baked more than just a birthday cake. Natasha clings to routines with more than just a smile. The last thing Stanley needs, or so he believes, is the arrival of his interfering estranged ex-wife.

Marbles grapples ferociously and hilariously with the challenges of a family under pressure.

"A splendid cargo of comedy and tears. Highly recommended." - Ingle Knight, Northern Territory News

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