by Mary Rachel Brown

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by Mary Rachel Brown

A black comedy for anyone who thinks children’s music is torture.

Meet Cristobel, better known as Miss Polkadot. She’s a sure bet to win Children’s Album of the Year and well on the way to being a global franchised phenomenon. Her agent Jim has been waiting for this moment, and her producer Martin has invested everything he has into the 'Miss Polkadot' juggernaut.

On the eve of the biggest music awards night in the country - and the turning point of her career - Cristobel plans to regain control. And there's no turning back once she plants her flag.

Permission to Spin is a funny till it’s not cage fight between art and ethics; an unflinching look at what happens when a culture of bullying is maintained all the way from the schoolyard to adulthood. Set in the world of children’s music, this play gets its hands dirty with the unsettling relationship between power and entitlement and the gap between the stories we tell and truth of who we really are.

"...Fast-paced, tightly written juggernaut with cocaine-fuelled dialogue to match."
Weekend Notes, Emma Cladwell 2018

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