by Mary Rachel Brown

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by Mary Rachel Brown

The Dapto Chaser is set amid the adrenaline, sweat and guts of the dog racing sub-culture. This play is about a family trapped in the pressure cooker of gambling addiction. When things don’t go to plan, they are forced to gamble the most important commodity of all - their relationship to each other.

Meet the Sinclairs, a family where dog racing is more than a sport, it’s a religion.

Errol - A dinosaur of the dog-racing world. Errol has stage four lung-cancer and he is broke, but he is still gambling, smoking and drinking.

Cess (Errol’s eldest son) - A chip off the old block, he has dog racing in his DNA.

Jimmy (Errol’s youngest son) - The Dapto dogs Lure driver. A self-ordained failure.

Boy Named Sue - Cess’ greyhound. The dog is Cess’ heart and soul on four legs.

Arnold - Think Tom Waterhouse… but worse.

When Errol Sinclair dies, Cess is forced to rig a dog race, so he can place a sure bet and raise the money to pay for his fathers’ funeral. When his brother Jimmy mistakenly bets on the wrong dog, all hell breaks lose. With their backs against the wall, Cess is forced to sell his beloved greyhound to his late father’s archenemy, Arnold.

With no money and no dog to pin their hopes on, Jimmy makes a stand by abandoning his post as lure driver. The TAB and the hierarchy at Dapto Dogs are not happy with Jimmy’s mid-race walk out. The only way to escape the consequences is to walk away from the dog world and never look back. Unfortunately, Cess is unable to imagine a life beyond the track and the brothers are forced to part ways.

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