by Emma Gibson

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by Emma Gibson

On September 1, 1934 the body of a young woman was found near the Howlong Road, about 8 kilometres out of Albury, NSW. She had been bashed and shot and her body set alight. No one knew who she was, so the body was preserved in formalin solution.

She was found wearing only silk pyjamas so the newspapers named her the Pyjama Girl.

The mystery ignited local gossip and, for a time, put Albury on the map as the sensational story played out in the national tabloids.

In 1944 the woman was identified as Linda Agostini, and her husband Antonio arrested for the murder. But Linda Agostini had brown eyes, while the Pyjama Girl had blue eyes. This and other evidence suggests the mystery remains unsolved to this day.

There is much, much more to the story than the official records suggest. This research-informed play, framed in the vaudeville era, provides a fresh, theatrical twist.

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