by Samantha Hill

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by Samantha Hill

Number one rule - you don’t start shit at Christmas.’

A body’s been discovered under the shed in Grandma Bev’s backyard, but the McDoonie family are insistent that nothing’s going to stop their Christmas lunch. Everyone’s got their theories about how it got there, but no one’s willing to point the finger just yet.

For the women of the family it's a silent threat: don’t complain, and don’t ask for more.

But within the McDoonie tribe are six women who won’t be shut up any longer. Each of them have escaped the festivities to unleash their darkly comic tirades. Foul-mouthed Breanna is baited and trolled by a condescending uncle, Sylvie’s timid attempts to change the world are undermined by her gang of brothers, and matriarch Bev is outraged that she may have been burdened with a secret that she just can’t share.

It’s Christmas Day in Australia: food, Facebook, football and feminism. The women get the meat cooked and the salads made. The women ensure there are knives, forks and crackers on the table. The women have decorated the tree, organised the Kris Kringle, and bought everyone’s Christmas presents, and now they just need five minutes away from every other person in this bloody family or they are seriously going to lose their shit.

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