by John Jennings

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by John Jennings

'I’m not an angel of love, or compassion but of death. I don't give life, I take it. I sit on my throne and decide who lives and who dies. I don't look at a person's soul, I don't think about if they’ve been good or bad. I don't care if they have a wife and three children, or if they tortured small animals for fun. I know nothing, yet I sit in judgement… '

Suzie and Elizabeth have been friends since childhood, getting up to all sorts of mischievous behaviour in Benalla from getting into fights in the playground to drinking in the front bar with the men. So when the chance to volunteer as nurses in Vietnam comes along, they think it will be the next big adventure, but now Suzie is drunk and broken, Elizabeth is alone and confused and both are contemplating how they got here and more importantly what do they do next?

This multi award winning production, tells the powerful story of two nurses in the Vietnam war through intertwining monologues. From their childhood together to the end of their service we are taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Australia in the 1950's and 60's was a conservative paradise. Women were expected to get married and have children and look after the house.

So what happens when you suddenly find yourself in a strange and foreign land where the rules of home no longer apply? How does it change you and when it is time to go home do you go?

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