by Rebecca Lister
Photo: Sarah Walker

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by Rebecca Lister

I jolt awake at 2:20am every morning, heart thumping, pulse racing... 2:20am.
It’s always 2:20am.

All bereaved by suicide, four ordinary people meet as strangers at a creative writing class and are forced into a reluctant bond.

Construction worker Dave is a reluctant participant, shut down & withdrawn since the suicide of his teenage daughter; Stella, desperate for someone to blame is angry & grieving since the death of her father; middle aged Trish wants to prove that everything is okay but is trapped by rigidity since the loss of her partner Mandy & workshop facilitator Emma thinks it’s her job to save everyone.

Together they grieve, behave badly, & reveal far more about themselves than they bargained for…

2.20AM is a contemporary drama laced with humour, grief, conflict & resolution. It tackles the impact of suicide & bereavement directly. Though not verbatim theatre, the dialogue pulses with the verisimilitude of lived experience while building dramatic tension through an expertly crafted narrative that eschews didacticism. The naturalistic form is transcended when each character divulges previously unexpressed thoughts & feelings through their creative writing pieces.

"2:20AM is important theatre … a beautifully crafted piece on a sensitive and often silent subject…a powerful new work that goes beyond the loss of a loved one and into the lives of those struggling to understand why"
Theatre People ★★★★

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