by David Williamson

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by David Williamson

Chrissie is working as an ambulance paramedic when the director of paramedical services discovers that her qualifications are totally faked. He's appalled. Lives have been put at risk for four years. Or have they? As Chrissie tells him her life story, he realises things are a little more complex and reflects on how her life contrasts so strongly with his own spoiled middle class daughter Jessica.

Credentials is a fast moving, very black, sometimes shocking and darkly funny picture of the realities of a society in which middle class kids have every opportunity and still so often manage to squander it, and how working class kids, facing a virtual lockout from anything other than menial lives, have to fight to find a place in the sun.

“Any new Williamson work attracts wide interest, and this is a better, riskier, and more ambitious work than anything he’s written recently.” Cameron Woodhead, The Age.

“Credentials' actors bring David Williamson’s audacious script to life ……. this is a most audacious play from Australian theatre’s tallest poppy” Chris Boyd, The Australian.

“Credentials is simultaneously a pleasurable experience, and a considered contribution to the history of Australian Theatre.” Tony Reck, Literature and Performing Arts.

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