by Julia Jarel
Photograhpy: Christian Ingram

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by Julia Jarel

Kicker Thompson is a tough, fun-loving farm kid who was born with a footy in his hand. Every afternoon, he tears around the back paddock imagining he’s kicking goals at the MCG! Day and night, he dreams of becoming an AFL superstar. But then, one day, out of nowhere, ‘the thing’ arrives. Kicker is terrified. He tells no-one about ‘the thing’ but fights desperately to beat it. Will he win or will ‘the thing’ mean the end of his footy dream?

Kicker Thompson is a contemporary, full-length play of approximately 50 min duration. It is designed to be performed in a ‘round-the-campfire’ storytelling style and to include a great deal of physical theatre. It is a middle school ensemble piece with a large cast. Multiple roles may be taken by each actor as they tell the story which is interspersed with ‘pop up’ scenes. It is envisaged that the set will consist of very simple, multi-use prop pieces such as metal drums and wooden frames and that technical elements will primarily be operated by the actors. This play is therefore highly suited to touring, school performances and low budget production.

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