by Sophia Davidson Gluyas
Photo: Olivier Bonenfant

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by Sophia Davidson Gluyas

At the end of a long Saturday night, five women congregate on a bed and relate their respective stories. Lovers Finn and Jasmine are interrupted by the arrival of Tara, their housemate and Jasmine’s high school best friend and ex-girlfriend. Tara has been assaulted on her date, but is reluctant to say so, leaving Finn and Jasmine to comfort her as best they can. Into this dynamic come ex-housemate Bri, in need of a place to stay after separating from her partner, and current housemate George, exultant after a promising first date. The women banter and debrief, revelling in just being together. After the heartsore Bri goes to bed, the remaining members of the bed party continue to shoot the breeze, and the details of Tara’s traumatic night are gradually revealed. The women debate how to take action against her assailant, and realise that nothing can be done. Act Two, set the following day, necessitates a subsequent bed party during which, amid more joking, philosophising and breeze-shooting, the women’s stories unfold. Bri and Kelly’s differences prove painfully irreconcilable, and Finn, Jasmine and Tara clear the air about Jasmine’s current feelings for Tara.

Casting Notes: TARA is specifically imagined as Indian-Australian, however, colour-conscious casting for the rest of the roles is also encouraged. Please engage in dramaturgy of the script if casting an actor with a specific ethnicity or cultural background. As the personal is political for these women, their subject position would be raised in the world of the play. Casting a range of actors with non-normative bodies is also encouraged. Where possible, actors with a lived experience of a lesbian or bisexual identity should be considered for these roles.

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