by Sally Hardy
Photo: Val Bubner

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by Sally Hardy

Gone Viral tells the story of Cassie, a 17 year old girl whose father is dying of cancer.
Cassie has lived with this knowledge for 3 years. Until now she's pushed it to the back of her mind while she copes with all the other stuff life throws at you when you’re a teenager – academic pressures, friendship issues, alcohol, social media and boys.

But the time for wishful thinking is over now, and Cassie must face the painful reality that her Dad is going to die. Somehow she must find the words to say goodbye – but this is so much easier said than done when he knows nothing about the person she is now. Cassie's sure her Dad still thinks of her as the little girl she was before he got sick. But things have changed and there are so many secrets she's been keeping from him since life became so complicated. Would he still love her if he knew the truth...that she’s not the sweet little girl he thinks she is? That she's not the girl he wants to leave behind?

As well as this impending grief, Cassie has found herself in another terrible predicament. She got so drunk at a party she can't remember anything that happened – and if the rumours circulating are true, it’s possible she had sex with someone she doesn’t even know. If she did, it may or may not have been with her consent...and she may or may not be pregnant.

As Cassie navigates these agonizing challenges, she may not always make the right decisions. But with a little help from her oldest friend Anh, she might just emerge from all this pain, okay...and maybe even with her father’s love still intact.

This title appears in:

Trinity College London International Playwriting Award (2014 winner)

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