by Emma Workman
Photo: Laura Purcell

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by Emma Workman

Dot was once bold, strong and in control of her life. Since her stroke at 62, though still strong in mind, her body betrays her daily. Liz; Dot’s middle-aged daughter, is now solely responsible for her mother’s care. She has sacrificed her own career and ambitions for the exhausting battle of appointments, pills, bills, chores and repeated demands to help her mother die.

Both Liz and Dot are struggling to hear and be heard, to see and be seen. Their world shrinks inwards as each month passes, leaving Dot dancing on the edge of the decision to set them both free. Would the world even know they were gone?

Dive into a tumultuous world where each day is underpinned by an impossible conversation, as this mother and daughter loop through distain, regret, love and onus.