by Liam Ormsby
Photo: Johannes Plenio

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by Liam Ormsby

Nicole takes one long look around the ancient wooden house and exhales a long humid breath. How could someone just walk out on the person they’ve lived with their entire life without notice, without warning and then come here – the middle of nowhere? A low rumble is heard in the distance but only barely, her ears are yet to pop from the flight. She turns in time to see the clouds darken and double in speed as they roll towards her, blanketing the green dividing ranges in water.

Her father Malcolm had left his house and his wife in Adelaide without reason or warning, his only thoughts turned towards the old abandoned house that still creaks from the story of someone else’s life. Emma her sister has followed him there, not so desperate as to bring him back but to make a connection with a father figure she needs more than ever.

Having tasked herself with the duty of bringing both of them back, Nicole’s mission is soon made impossible as the darkening sky congeals and the wind picks up. ‘This had better not be for nothing’ she sighs. The sky groans in reply. She must not only pry her family from the strange hold this wooden house has on them but she must also save them from a storm that is about to turn their lives inside out.