by Paul Gilchrist
Photo: Zorica Purlija

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by Paul Gilchrist

Set entirely in a contemporary bedroom and running in real time, Rocket Man is a comic and dramatic exploration of the nature of theatrical realism.

You tell every girl you’re an astronaut?
No. Only the ones who say they’re actors.

Veronica has an audition.
This morning.
But first she has to get rid of the man she brought home the night before.
But Neil wants to stay.
And wants her to stop.
He loathes her profession, with a passion shockingly precise and white hot.
Blast off is always the most dangerous moment.

Fiercely funny, Rocket Man is a provocative exploration of stories and theatre - and their power to rocket us to new worlds.

"Unsettling, wry, dark, rich in humour and tension. Everything a play should be.
And yet, something more. This is original work, it's new, it's distinctively Australian, it should be setting off alarm bells in our literary departments"
- 5th Wall

"Gilchrist crafts the build up of tension and disquiet very well over the play's
65 minutes"
- Sydney Morning Herald

"The way playwright and director Paul Gilchrist manages the tension and spark between the four characters is masterful and fun to watch...Its characters are whole, affectionately shaded and genuine in a way that outshines the irony." - Concrete Playground

"Given the breadth and depth of 'Rocket Man', it is incredible that it's only a little over an hour long….. an enormously clever play" - Lisa Thatcher

"A powerful universal tale... a good night's entertainment" - Stage Whispers

"...utterly convincing, sometimes extremely funny and, at others, very moving..." - South Sydney Herald

" insightful exploration... a thinking person's play that guarantees a long and intense post performance chat" - Alt Media

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