by Kerry Bowden
Photo: Marie Sauvage

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by Kerry Bowden

Heart Lines centres around the lives of two youths involved in a heart transplant, one the heart donor; the other the heart recipient. The play explores the undefined, almost spiritual connectivity between heart recipient and donor.

Noah, a nineteen year old carpenter has a degenerative heart condition and his life can only be saved by undergoing heart transplant surgery. Now, four years after a successful heart transplant, Noah decides to make a video clip of his life in the hope that one day his heart donor’s family might view it. Noah’s journey is portrayed through straight-to-camera monologues where he reflects on his rapidly declining health prior to his transplant surgery and his gratitude for his life-giving new heart. Noah’s monologues are interspersed with scenes within a share house inhabited by three university students. Their young, carefree days filled with study, music, surfing and partying are in stark contrast to Noah’s increasingly diminished lifestyle.

From the early moments of the play, an imminent connection between this trio of fun loving friends and Noah is established. How that connection is built and evolves becomes the main emphasis of the storyline. Noah’s long held dream of finding out who his heart donor was is finally revealed with both profound grief and life giving joy.

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