by Jamila Main
Image: Kobe Donaldson

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by Jamila Main

Milla is 16, drinking their first vodka lemonade, at the first party Mum said they could stay past midnight at, and just kissed a girl - holy moly, does that mean Milla's queer? Annabel's queer, and her pronouns are she/her and she's going to beat all the queerphobes at the Swimming Carnival. Bea just wants everything to go back to normal and have her best friend back.

Riding an adrenaline wave of first love and low alcohol tolerances three teenagers navigate friendship and falling in love in their claustrophobic coastal town. Milla overcomes the butterflies in their stomach to kiss Annabel, but that was the easy bit. The swim team don't want queers on their team and Milla's best friend Bea is caught in the middle. Milla and Annabel must confront whether their safety and visibility is worth the risk of Milla's mum finding out, the swim team's wrath, and if they have the bravery to break school policy to attend formal together.

Butterly Kicks explores young people discovering their identity and finding the courage to live openly and joyfully.

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