by Sally Davies
Photo: Sally Davies

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by Sally Davies

The turkey’s stuffed, the presents are wrapped, and the extended family are descending like a swarm of locusts on Bob and Jenny’s for dinner. It’s Christmas. The season to be jolly. Well, it will be jolly provided that Grandma stops hiding cotton wool in her ears; Jenny can hide in the kitchen; Tom can hide in the garage; Melissa can hide from the general male population; Jeremy can hide his surprise gift for Belinda; Bob can hide himself and the cooking sherry from Debborah; and they can all hide from the overly well-meaning neighbours.

Everyone’s patience and sanity is tested to the limit as they try to muster the fortitude to survive their annual Familial Endurance Test with minimal casualties. Baiting irascible Debborah is Bob’s favourite past-time and, as tensions mount, much hilarity ensues. Questionable gifts abound and, with a growing threat of needing to call the emergency services, it’s shaping up to be a Christmas that no-one will forget.

Winner of the 2017 City of Newcastle Drama Award (CONDA) for Best New Play Written for a Newcastle Theatre Company.

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City of Newcastle Drama Award - Best New Play Written for a Newcastle Theatre Company (2017 winner)

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