by Rebecca Taylor

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by Rebecca Taylor

A play in the Absurd Theatre style, Ward Thirteen takes place in a hospital, where doctors and patients alike are searching for the mysterious thirteenth floor. On this floor is Ward Thirteen, a place nobody has seen, and in which no one knows what happens.

All manner of people make their way through the complex, including a man burdened with a sock puppet that thinks and speaks independently; a vampire who isn't sure he is actually dead; another man who believes he owns all the chairs in the waiting room; and a lawyer who seems to cause more problems than he solves. Add to the mix a ghost, a butterfly, disappearing doctors, and a man who makes very bad nachos, and you have a hospital like no other.

All the characters are searching for truth - about life, death, the universe. They want answers, and are looking for whatever is missing in their lives - even if they don't know what that is.

And through it all, they must find their way to the elusive Ward Thirteen.

If it even exists...

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