by Jeanette Cronin
Image: Amylia Harris

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by Jeanette Cronin

I LOVE YOU NOW is an exploration of a modern marriage sinking under the weight of denial and complacency. Taking the idea of ‘the grass is greener’ to its theatrical limits, I LOVE YOU NOW challenges two actors to take on the roles of married couple, Leo and June and their six lovers. This conceit serves as a theatrical metaphor for our inability to communicate with our partners and instead continually search anew for that fix, that self-satisfaction.

However, I LOVE YOU NOW can also be produced with up to eight actors, celebrating the story as a two-door farce, but still retaining the mystery of the characters’ authenticity.
Leo and June’s many lovers:
- Rob, Leo's identical twin
- Michelle, Rob's wife
- Dr. Shaw, Leo's psychiatrist
- Father John Roche-Boyle, their priest
- Melissa, the nanny, and
- Helmut, June's personal trainer
all exist in the lives of Leo and June, but do they exist as their lovers? Are these affairs fantasies invented by the protagonists? The script is laden with clues for the ensemble and audience to unpack.

Innovative, in that our protagonists only share four scenes, I LOVE YOU NOW explores those relationship black holes where what we don't say finally overwhelms what we do, then swallows us whole. Four acts take us through the honeymoon, housekeeping and combustion of six illicit relationships, and through this prism of covert assignation we begin to piece together the marriage of Leo and June and June’s devastating secret—her time is running out.

Climactically, when they do speak, Leo and June find themselves strangers in a marriage shattered by silence and neglect. They must find the words to confront what every human dreads—the best way to say goodbye.

I LOVE YOU NOW is a companion play to TELL ME AGAIN.

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