by Chris Atanasov-Elliott
Image: Sue Kraatz

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by Chris Atanasov-Elliott

Everyone’s Business is an intense dramatic play, with many comedic elements, in which a series of interconnected people talk about the same ill-fated person whom they have known at different times in his life. They each openly voice their personal opinions, recollections and judgements, meanwhile spotlighting prominent issues in society—sexuality, mental health, foster care, religion and drug abuse.

The play is complimented by transition videos between scenes that fill in the gaps and show what has occurred over time beyond that which is portrayed on stage. These transitions use a variety of mediums without dialogue, including a photograph slideshow, stop-motion animation, go-pro capture, comic strip and shadow puppetry.

Unapologetically, Everyone’s Business is extremely emotive and accurately portrays many real-world narratives.

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