by Alison Rooke
Photo: Zack Melhus

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by Alison Rooke

"I’ve seen others in your skin before …"

A stark, heart-wrenching love-song to a broken world that forces you to ask the question - Are you the Blackbird or the Whale?

Mulligan and Cora sit, waiting on the edge of the world. The promise of starting again got them on a ship to a new land, the storm that followed shipwrecked them on a nameless, lost beach. Their relationship is fractured and brutal. Cora resorts to myth and the 'old ways' to make sense of the situation. Mulligan uses his fists.

They are being watched. A man and a woman infiltrate their beach camp. Creatures of the elements, nameless, homeless, they drink salt water, scream at thunder.

The two strangers charm and agitate Mulligan and Cora. Where do they come from? What do they want? Have they dreamed them up?

The Blackbird and The Whale is an exploration of the fine line between love and cruelty, freedom and possession.

This play asks the audience to examine their role in the abuses of our time – be it domestic abuse, limiting a person’s freedom of choice or the dire refugee situation our country is currently participating in – it wants the audience to ask the question, ‘why are we so cruel to each other and what can I do about it?’

The Blackbird and The Whale is about how our identity is affected by disaster and the sacrifice it takes to escape.

This title appears in:

Silver Gull Play Award (2017 nominee)

Aurora Theatre Global Age Project (USA) (2015 nominee)

Edward Albee Playwriting Scholarship (New York) (2013 nominee)

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