by Kristen Doherty
Photo: Ahmed Adly

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by Kristen Doherty

When the Drama Club discover that their teacher is away for the rest of the term, they are dismayed to be stuck with her replacement. The Beck. The cynical PE teacher, overdue for long service leave, with a great dislike for Drama kids. The Beck soon leaves them to their own devices, with one rule, it has to be Shakespeare. Despite fearing the legendary curse, the students decide on ‘Scenes from Macbeth’. They spilt the group, Mr and Mrs Macbeth, the Witches, and the rest.

Unconcerned that his heart belongs to another, mean girl, Monique, is crushing on Declan. Determined to make him fall in love with her, she resorts to invoking the curse of Macbeth to make a love spell. Meanwhile the rehearsal for the most epic Five-Minute Macbeth rages on. Do Shakespeare’s words really make people fall in love or is it just a bored PE teacher, messing with the theatre’s technical equipment?

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