by Isidora Pandilovska, Charlotte Smith

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by Isidora Pandilovska, Charlotte Smith

Track and Field is a play about coming of age.

The world we have created is one true to the ups and downs of high school life and the issues that happen behind closed doors. Track and Field is a story of three young teenagers and their inner battles as well as how they correlate to and with one another.

We follow the lives of Odette, Emersyn and Melanie in their quest to overcome dreadful and stereotypical high school bullies, inner demons, critics.

Main themes include anxiety and depression, sexuality and identity, bullying, as well as money and family issues.

Track and Field is unique in the way that we offer an alternative ending. We understand that in life everything doesn’t always go according to the plan. Not every story has a happy ending no matter how much they might deserve one. We leave the choice up to you.

Тhe play showcases the good and the bad and its impact on the youth whether positive or negative (for this reason we have included an alternative ending).

The play is best suited for high school productions, however, it can be easily adapted for any production.

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