by Maxine Mellor
Photo: Peter Mathew

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by Maxine Mellor

Meet Wilbur and Wilma Wilde, a whimsical storytelling double-act who traverse the lands with their curious cart of stories to delight and amuse their audiences.

Tonight, they tell the story of Sally Saber, a girl who always wanted to be a tiger – sharp-toothed, clever, and unafraid – roaming the world on adventures. But there was never any chance for that; her parents made sure Sally was always safe. One day, they suggest it’s time for Sally to go to the neighbourhood park all by herself. Here is her opportunity for fearlessness! As everything changes shape around her and dissolves into a Saber Neighbourhood Soup, Sally will have to use all her imagination and cunning to find her claws and make her way back home.

So, too, will Wilbur and Wilma Wilde, as they discover that storytelling without knowing the ending can be a scary adventure too.

With lashings of poetic storytelling and pantomime energy, Sleeping Horses Lie was written purposely for interpretation using object puppetry, clowning, and slapstick.

Originally produced by Terrapin Puppet Theatre, for children and families, Sleeping Horses Lie enjoyed a season and tour through Tasmania in 2012, and a Victorian and Hong Kong tour in 2014.

The charmingly simple set and stylish vaudevillian costume in sepia tones are a treat, with the inside of a coat becoming a screen for animation, and the matching tiger striped “cabinet of curiosities” revealing musical instruments, animated objects and a puppet stage. - Gai Anderson, Write Response

A spectacular performance – music, themes, sets, language, movement, costumes, digital puppetry – a visual and sensory feast. - Fahan School