by Trudy Hellier

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by Trudy Hellier

Fran lives in an apartment opposite a men's prison. Although she can’t see the men, she is well aware that they can see her, and copes with this invasion of privacy in her own special way. But when she gets a new flat mate, Jacky, things start to change. Unlike Fran, Jacky is unable to deal with the constantly prying eyes in such a practical manner. She becomes obsessed with the men. One particular prisoner Mat becomes the focus for this obsession.

Meanwhile Mat and his cell mate, Angus, spend their time watching the women. By sitting on each other’s shoulders they have a limited view into the women’s kitchen, allowing them a tiny glimpse of heaven. Soon, Mat's entire existence is linked to Jacky - observing, listening to her every movement. Things start to disintegrate when he no longer needs to physically look in order to see what Jacky is doing; his connection defies the prison walls.

Trapped is a black comedy which explores the power of romantic love and the effects of both physical and emotional isolation.


“A slick half hour script with clever plot and witty dialogue.”
- Kate Herbert, Herald Sun, November 1997.

“ A tautly written four hander … a very sharp and promising debut piece by Trudy Hellier.”
- Geoffrey Milne, ABC Radio 3LO, August 1998

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