by Robert Jeffreys

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by Robert Jeffreys

Jennifer Lewis travels to East Timor, during the time the Australian Army Peace-keeping Force is there, to act as a civilian consultant on post-trauma stress. Her long-term lover, Captain Smith, is also there as a serving officer. Circumstances put them both in a situation where they are conducting a debrief of an incident where 'civilians' were killed.

The debrief becomes a clash of ethical and moral standpoints, as Jennifer sees the events as murder and Smith sees them as a matter of survival for his men. Jennifer refuses to believe that civilian deaths can be justified, so Smith arranges for her to experience the horror his men felt before they responded as they did.

'..a fast-paced and gripping play about moral ambiguity.' Victoria Laurie, The Australian, October 27, 2003

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AWGIE Radio (Original) Award (2004 winner)

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