by Christos Tsiolkas, Andrew Bovell, Patricia Cornelius, Melissa Reeves

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by Christos Tsiolkas, Andrew Bovell, Patricia Cornelius, Melissa Reeves

Fever is made up of four plays The Chair, Blunt, Savant and Psalms, and a composition, The River.

The Chair
In a desolated house, a lonely woman is confronted by an intruder. She ties him to a chair, but gives him the chance to win his freedom by moving her with his story.

The members of a deeply depressed and morbid little community gather nightly to eat fish and chips and whinge about how good things used to be. They come to believe their malaise can be traced to an evil baby born to a frightened pair of teenagers.

Two young men, childhood friends, quickly become enemies when their country is plunged into civil war. In a landscape of unrelenting horror, one finds himself haunted by the ghost of the other, who is asking back for the heart, tongue and genitals that were taken from him.

A group of women live on a desolate and stinking landscape where nothing good grows anymore. They fetch a baby out of the river, save it, give it every chance. And what does it do? The ungrateful little shit goes and dies on them.

"This is not propaganda that beats a dogmatic drum fuelled by its own certainty. On the contrary, much of Fever's appeal lies in its courageous lack of certainty, conveyed by the deliberately non-naturalistic and non-specific mode of performance. It states its case, it is true, but leaves much up to the audience to decide." - Helen Thomson, The Age, 20 September 2002

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