by Van Badham

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by Van Badham

Today. London. A terrorist bomb. A leftist academic finds herself and her daughter injured in the wreckage of an incomprehensible blast and its unimaginable consequences.

As Maggy and Rebekah recover from the explosion, another bomb is detonated within their own family. A ticking clock of unresolved separations and family secrets thunders towards unwanted confrontations. As Maggy's world crumbles around her, the question echoes in her mind - are the terrorists without, or within?

'In dialogue that feels as though it has been soaked overnight in acid, her characters rip one another's politics apart...'

Johann Hari, The Independent, August 21, 2003.

' exhilarating torrent of ideas.'

Robert Dawson Scott, The Times, August 9, 2003

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