by Chris Tugwell
Photo: Chris Tugwell

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by Chris Tugwell

At the time this play was written 28-year-old Australian David Hicks had been held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for more than 830 days (to mid March 2004) without trial, without charge, without a lawyer, without contact with his family.

Set in a replica of his cell, X Ray represents a fictitious day in the life of someone claimed to be 'one of the most dangerous men on earth.' The play looks at his struggle to cope with such isolation and the growing relationship with the only person he has any human contact with—the guard stationed to watch his every move.

Written with the help of his family and his Australian lawyer, the play attempts to confront the audience with the reality of America's War on Terror.

"Fringe sensation...simply engrossed and stunned...absorbing theatre every Australian must see."— Leisha Petrys, Sunday Mail

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