by Donna Abela
Image courtesy of Kim Carpenter's Theatre of Image production 2004.

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by Donna Abela

The King has beheaded his Queen. The desperate outsiders she hid in his kingdom have been locked up, and he has vowed to execute them, one by one, each dawn.

But, disguised as the next outsider due to die, Shahrazad tells stories to the King. Strange and amazing stories about merchants and fishermen, Ali Baba and bandits, kings and professors, calligraphers and demons. The King ponders her stories of greed and foul play until, finally, his fury is subdued.

Thanks to Shahrazad, he relinquishes his vow. The outsiders are released and anyone who seeks help in the King's land is now welcome.

"...the most enchanting thing is simply the storytelling... It is the power of being able to spin images with words that makes this production different." - Troy Lennon, The Daily Telegraph, 9 July 2004.

"...an immensely innovative rendering... It is skilfully aware of childrens' understanding of the world, in particular the harsh realities of asylum seekers, while still presenting an absorbing piece of theatre about everyday moralities." - Lenny Ann Low, Sydney Morning Herald, 3 July 2004

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Large Cast Anthology

Recommended for schools

One Theatre World 2013

NSW Premier's Literary Awards - Play Award (2005 nominee)

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