by Donna Abela

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by Donna Abela

Mack the Hacker and Skulldust (aka Vic and Jerry) are the heavy metal band Secular! They eat bile and blood and chicken heads, and go rank and lose themselves fully. Mad's audition rocked, but she's a chick, and there's no chicks in metal. But they can't play in the local band comp without someone on bass. So they take her on.

They blitz the band comp. But Vic's a weak singer lost in drum roll heaven, Jerry's power chords turn into tantrums, and Mad won't play the Babe or pretend to be a Hag from hell. And they take themselves so seriously! If they don't find a groove, become a unit, they won't win the big play-off.

Written in pumped garage band vernacular, and structured like a pop song, 4 Speed Blenders is a play for four actor-musicians. The chorus roles (school kids, crowd, managers, journos and fans) were originally doubled, but can be played by other actors.

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