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by Alex Broun

This collection features nine short plays between five to fifteen minutes in length covering a variety of performance ages, styles and subjects.

From two plays for secondary or primary students (Twenty Dollars and Qwendolyn's Gambit) and two plays for Asian Australian performers (Yell(ow) and The Dead Sun) the collection ranges through to more hard-hitting plays for adult performers dealing with Australia's immigration detention centres (Southern Cross Swastika), unrest in the middle east (Tel Aviv Disco Bombing) and war remembrance versus war glorification (Armistice Day). There's also a comic exploration of the nation's obsession with pokie machines (Five Kings) and a comedy about misplaced love (You).

All these plays have been performed in various short play festivals throughout Australia in recent years.

Stylecomedy, drama, heightened naturalism
Length10 minutes
PublisherAustralian Script Centre