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by Version 1.0

Published in Remixing Politics and Staging Asylum: Contemporary Australian Plays About Refugees

When it comes to theatre, there's nothing quite like a Senate inquiry. And when it comes to politics, there's no-one else making theatre like version 1.0, one of the most exciting companies in Sydney- hailed as "a refreshing new vision in performance" (RealTime), and "challenging and hilarious" (Sydney Star Observer). Put the two together and you have 'CMI (A Certain Maritime Incident)'- an edgy performance devised from the transcripts of the Senate Select Committee on a Certain Maritime Incident, the inquiry into the children overboard scandal.

'CMI' explores the 'children overboard' lies, the real tragedy of SIEV-X, border panic hysteria, and the failure of the political process, asking fundamental questions at the intersection between the personal and the political. In 'CMI' six acting Senators wrestle with their wills, their words, their politics and each other, aided and abetted by multi-channel video and real time lie detection software. The Inquiry talks the talk that numbs the intellect and paralyses the body's capacity for outrage. 'CMI' is a public act of outrage, a staging of outrageous acts, a guided tour along the treacherous border separating cool heads from icy cold rage. 'CMI' is heartbreaking and hilarious, a horribly funny tragedy.

"...a passionate, often humorous and ultimately disturbing deconstruction of politicians at work."
- Mark Hopkins, Sydney Morning Herald, 29 March 2004

"...a powerful - and powerfully funny - deconstruction of history, memory and narrative."
- Jason Blake, Sydney City Hub, April 2004

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