by Caleb Lewis


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by Caleb Lewis

‘Back in Kenya - in the camps - they say we can stay there for free. But everybody wants something. The journalists want our stories; the NGOs want us to sing in their choirs; the SPLA wants our sons as soldiers. The spirits of our ancestors want us to honour them..."

Maggie Stone is a battle axe. She's rude, prickly and doesn't owe the world a thing. This makes her an ideal loans officer. But when a family of strangers finally awakens her compassion, Maggie will learn firsthand the politics of charity. For even favours require gratitude, investment requires returns, and an outstanding debt awaits satisfaction. And soon the life Maggie borrowed will need to be paid for.

Maggie Stone is about loneliness and debt, the risk that comes from asking others of help and the cost of living a life owing nobody. Nominated for the Western Australian Premier's Script Award, Maggie Stone by Caleb Lewis paints an unflinchingly honest yet ultimately empathetic portrait of modern Australia.

"In his astutely incisive, often bitterly funny, new work Maggie Stone, playwright Caleb Lewis asks, 'How do borrowing and lending affect our relationships with others?'" - The Australian

"This is a play about the people in our community and the attitudes that make up our society. It will make you question your own views and actions." - Kryztoff, RRR

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