by Steve Pirie

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by Steve Pirie

Josh has been with his first love for almost five years. On the eve of their anniversary Emma has decided that she wants to leave. She won't say why. She won't say whose fault it is. She just says goodbye.

All of a sudden Josh's world becomes a whole lot smaller. Dinnertime becomes eating cereal on the floor. Work becomes a daily challenge to not punch people in the face. And the hollow feeling in his chest that was Emma's parting gift just won't go away.

One morning, Josh awakes in the Breakup Forest - a magical, mysterious place where the terminally dumped are sent until they can piece together the past and move on. Emerging from the forest is his hand puppet spirit guide, Curly. Together, the two must undertake an epic journey through the darkness of the forest to confront Josh's demons, insecurities and fears.

Will they uncover the reason Emma left? Can Josh get over it? And more importantly, can he get over himself?

Boy Meets Girl.
Girl Leaves Boy.
Boy Meets Puppet.

"Slick and clever without being up itself; fast-paced and funny without being snarky" - Sita Borhani, Actors Greenroom, March 19, 2013

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