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by Shane Pike

Four blokes and four beers. This honest and darkly funny tale introduces four mates who meet at the same bar at the same time every year. But this year, it’s different... George, a nomadic travel writer, has returned home to see his best friends. But on the eve of their annual get-together, the truth is in danger of being let out. While George waits, their beers get warm, memories are relived, and the dark and dangerous secret that brought these blokes together in mateship and solidarity begins to crawl out of the shadows of their past and casts darkness over their futures.

The Boys of St Crispian is a brutally raw look at mateship formed out of desperation, vulnerability, and emotional dislocation. It is an exploration of masculinity forged in extreme circumstances and unpacks the idea that hurt men hurt others.

StyleOne person show, drama
Cast age18+
Audience ageadult