by George Landen Dann

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by George Landen Dann

"A sordid and soiled (play) of the dubious romance of a self-confessed woman of the stress and a half-caste … there are terms and expressions in the script that cut across the accepted traditions of the stage, situations that reach new depths in the sordid, and such a lack of beauty in its outlook that the title is a travesty" – Smith’s Weekly

After spending five years in Brisbane, the daughter of a lighthouse keeper returns home to a small island off the coast of Queensland. Besides her parents the island is home to only an aboriginal mission and a fisherman who lives alone. On the surface life here is simple, quiet and repetitive, but the residents of this island have their secrets and they can’t remain submerged forever.

In Beauty It is Finished is a challenging story of identity, social acceptance and isolation. It shows that while life in the city can be difficult, the simple life can be just as complicated.

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New Vintage - Australian classics from Playlab

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