by Henry Melville

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by Henry Melville

“(The Bushrangers is a) milestone in Australian theatre history: the first substantial play written, published and performed in an Australian colony.” – Richard Fotheringham

In Australia’s wild woods, notorious bushrangers rule the land. They’ll take a man for every penny and thump his brain without a thought. And with a score to be settled, Bill Fellows and his gang of bushrangers are focused on revenge.

Mr Norwood has a target on his back after ratting out the bushrangers to the police. Now the outlaws won’t rest until his windpipe is cut. But when Norwood’s beautiful daughter and her English lover get in the way, an unlikely friend comes to their aid.

A milestone of Australian melodrama, The Bushrangers examines honor and trust in the harsh Australian bush and the relationship between white settlers, the aboriginal people and the bushrangers.

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