Women in Theatre and Screen (WITS) is a Sydney-based collective, run by practising artists on a volunteer basis, fighting for real workable change in the industry to ensure that women are represented equally and with integrity across all fields in the theatre and screen industries in Australia. We formed as a response to the ongoing gender disparity on Australian stages and screens, which came to a head with the launch of the 2016 main stage seasons, with only three companies meeting parity. We gave the conversation a focus and direction and steered that energy towards positive advocacy and support for women in our industry.

As well as advocacy, WITS is passionate about providing creative initiatives for their supporters to elevate and showcase their work and to foster creative alliances among female artists from diverse backgrounds.


WITS aim to:

Provide a training ground for emerging writers, producers and directors.

Improve the visibility of established and practising women artists and technicians in Sydney.

Honour companies and artists who are creating opportunities for women in the arts.

Provide resources, support and a platform for exposure to further the cause of women on our stages and screens.