Selected plays by women

ALIWA! by Dallas Winmar add to cart
ANTARCTIC JOURNEY by Terry Whitebeach add to cart
APOCALYPSE PERTH by Kate Rice add to cart
AS THE CROW FLIES by Julie Fison add to cart
BETTER THAN THIS by Pauline Hosking add to cart
THE BRIDGE by Louise Helfgott add to cart
DAGS by Debra Oswald add to cart
DAYS OF LOVE AND SADNESS by Liz Goldman add to cart
DEADLINE - STAGE VERSION by Marian Devitt add to cart
DIRTYLAND by Elise Hearst add to cart
GIRL IN TAN BOOTS by Tahli Corin add to cart
THE GLASS MERMAID by Tobsha Learner add to cart
HITLER'S DAUGHTER - THE PLAY by Eva Di Cesare et al add to cart
HOW TO SURVIVE AN EARTHQUAKE by Christine Croyden add to cart
IN SEARCH OF OWEN ROE by Vanessa O'Neill add to cart
INVERTEBRATE TRILOGY by Susan Rogers add to cart
MISH GORECKI GOES MISSING by Skye Loneragan add to cart
MORNING ON A RAINY DAY by Van Badham add to cart
THE MOURNING AFTER by Verity Laughton add to cart
PANAYIOTA by Angela Costi add to cart
THE PROSPECTORS by Alana Valentine add to cart
SMALL AND TIRED by Kit Brookman add to cart
THIS BITCH CALLED HOME by Catherine Cresswell add to cart
TROLLOP by Maxine Mellor add to cart
THE WOMEN OF MARCH THE FIRST by Lissa Benyon add to cart