Selected plays by women

ALICE IN WONDERLAND by Gillian Rubinstein add to cart
ALL THE BLOOD AND ALL THE WATER by Suzie Miller add to cart
BOY OVERBOARD by Patricia Cornelius add to cart
BROTHERS WRECK by Jada Alberts limited
CAFE SCHEHERAZADE by Therese Radic add to cart
A CLOSER SKY by Louise Helfgott add to cart
THE DOGS PLAY by Tee O’Neill add to cart
DREAMING IN FIVE SENSES by Elizabeth Eldridge add to cart
DRIVE by Rebecca Meston add to cart
ELEANOR AND MARY ALICE by Peta Tait add to cart
FAIRY TALE NEWS by Belinda Campbell add to cart
IF I SHOULD DIE BEFORE I WAKE by Rebecca Lister add to cart
JUMP FOR JORDAN by Donna Abela add to cart
KILL THE MESSENGER by Nakkiah Lui add to cart
LAST SEEN ENTERING by Patricia Harris add to cart
LIFE DRAWING by Julia Lewis add to cart
MRS PORTER AND THE ANGEL by Dorothy Hewett limited
OH BROTHER, MUM'S THE WORD by Edwina Toohey add to cart
SMASHED by Noëlle Janaczewska add to cart
TEARS OF THE POPPY by Julie Janson add to cart
THROUGH THE MIST by Rebecca Lister add to cart
TRIGGER WARNING by Sally Richardson add to cart
WEIGHTLESS by Christine Evans add to cart
WHO SHOT BAMBI? by Isobel Benn Vertigan add to cart
WONDERLANDS by Katherine Thomson add to cart