Selected plays by women

AURORA'S LAMENT by Donna Abela add to cart
BATTLE OF WATERLOO by Kylie Coolwell add to cart
BEETLE-EYED by Helen Howard add to cart
BLACK by Anna Tregloan add to cart
BREATHE OUT AND I BREATHE YOU IN by Suzanne Ingelbrecht add to cart
BRINGING DOWN THE MOON - RADIO by D.M. Cameron add to cart
THE CAT IN THE BOX by Vivienne Glance add to cart
COUNTING SPARROWS by Alison Campbell Rate add to cart
CRECHE AND BURN by Elise Greig add to cart
DEADLINE - STAGE VERSION by Marian Devitt add to cart
DEVIANT ART FOR THE DEGENERATE by Catherine Zimdahl add to cart
FRAGMENTS by Maura Pierlot add to cart
THE GREEN PRINCE by Sophie Masson add to cart
MOTHS by Michele Lee add to cart
NOW, IN TERMS OF YOUR LIFE, IRENE by Marian Devitt add to cart
PINBALL by Alison Lyssa limited
S.N.A.G (SENSITIVE NEW AGE GUY) by Tobsha Learner add to cart
SHADOWLAND by Heather Christie add to cart
SMALL LIFE by Zoe Hogan add to cart
SNIPE by Donna Abela add to cart
STARKERS by Julia Jarel add to cart
THROUGH THESE LINES by Cheryl Ward add to cart
VICTOR AND SASS by Kathleen Cantarella add to cart
WHERE THE HEART IS by Janet Brown add to cart
THE WISHING WELL by Helen Howard limited